Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Obama Consulted Newt Gingrich on Education

According to a White House visitor's list, Newton Gingrich visited POTUS (Barack Obama) for a private meeting in the Oval Office on May 5, 2009 at 12:30pm. Gingrich is publicly known as a champion of charter schools and vouchers.

Free-market writer Sheldon Richman has pointed out the problems with charter schools, namely, that they will be controlled by an anti-charter school establishment. Richman sees such schools as ultimately being more of an exercise in futility than anything else.

Click pic to see Newton's name.

In the Republican Primary debate this past Thursday night, Newt attempted to play the role of "the bigger man" by criticizing the questioners for trying to pit the candidates against each other, stating that all of them would be better than Obama. But Gingrich seems to be quite an establishment figure; and, after writing a forward to one of Al Gore's books Gingrich did a "Climate Change" commercial with Nancy Pelosi. Gingrich may not be as anti-Democrat as one might think. Regardless, it is doubtful that POTUSbama would have invited constitutionalist Ron Paul to a private meeting on education.

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