Tuesday, March 27, 2012

NEPA Primary 2012 Endorsements

Update 4-26-12: Winning candidates are in bold and italicized.

Criteria: Being pro-liberty and/or anti-corruption.

President -Ron Paul
US Senate -Marc Scaringi
Congressman 11th -Write-in "Repeal NDAA"
Congressman 17th -Write-in "End the Fed"

Delegates Congressional District 11
Michael Harrison
Michael Anderson
Joe Zapach
Alternate -Holly Anderson

Delegates Congressional District 17
Trent Miller
Anthony Antonello
John Manko
Alternate -Greg Sheeler

President -Write in "Randall Terry"
US Senate -Joseph Vodvarka
Congressman 11th -Gene Stilp
Congressman 17th -Write-in "Bring the troops home"
Attorney General -Kathleen Kane


Ron Paul -Republican for President
The only true statesman besides Gary Johnson to run for president in 2011/2012. He has boldly opposed the military industrial complex and the warhawks who want to bankrupt America with unnecessary war with Iran. He wants to end the Fed, an institution which many economists believe is at the root of our economic woes and causes fincanical bubbles and other problems. He is also stranger to the lobbyist and friend of those who want sustainable government. Only his plan was found to actually balance the budget. He also polls better with Independents than Romney. Ron Paul offers better product differentiation than Romney, since unlike Romney and Obama, Ron Paul wants to bring the troops home, end the Fed, stop Homeland Security and TSA abuses, and initate policies to balance the budget. These are stances Ron Paul can deliver on that Obama and Romney can't due to being sold out to the same interests. But alas, the owners of media at its highest levels seem to have a strong hatred of him. It's amazing that so-called conservative talk radio hosts haven't put their differences aside and unanimously supported him.

Marc Scaringi -Republican for US Senate
Scaringi is the best candidate to balance the budget, and will likely vote 100% with Rand Paul in the Senate. He too offers a contrast with Casey that indpendents can find palatable, including bringing the troops home and ending drug prohibition. He has stated along with top US generals that the US should endeavor to AVOID war with Iran. He is thoroughly pro-life, pro-gun, and opposes redistibution of wealth. After vetting him personally, it is certain that he is against the: NDAA, "PATRIOT" Act, TSA, Homeland "Security", PIPA & SOPA, and Obamacare. He also wants to end the Fed and to balance the budget.

We chose Scaringi over Sam Rohrer because Rohrer unfortunately has flip-flopped on foreign policy, even once calling for a pre-emptive strike against Iran. He has been endorsed by Herman Cain who follows a Henry Kissenger foreign policy. It is a shame that Rohrer, someone who has taken radically pro-liberty stances such as being against drivers' licenses, would support a hawkish, morbidly establishmentarian foreign policy. Rohrer also favors drug prohibition. However, he opposes Homeland Security, REAL ID, the "PATRIOT" Act, and seems to be solidly pro-freedom on domestic issues. Because of superior name recognition, Rohrer also polls better than Scaringi, and thus has a better chance of beating the Toomey-esque Tom Smith and the liberal Steve Welch. There are legitimate reasons for voting for Rohrer, but the best man overall is Scaringi.

Joseph Vodvarka -Democrat for US Senate
Vovarka could be termed a "protest candidate" since he has a small campaign going. But Vodvarka has some really good beliefs, including being in favor of full gun rights and of auditing the Fed. His main theme is bringing manufacturing back to America, and withdrawing from international (and unconstitutional) trade agreements such as NAFTA and GATT.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Huffington was Moonstruck by Gingrich

Check out this post on the Ob Lure about Ariana Huffington's past support of Newt.