Sunday, September 14, 2014

Netanyahu is the Protestant Pope

Protestantism contains the word "protest" in it for a reason. Being a protestant used to mean having strong-minded self-reliance. No pope's authority would restrain protestant revolutionaries, who strove to draw their own conclusions from scripture. No Pope, church, or priest would stand in their way of connecting with God. It's no surprise that even today most libertarian-minded people come from a protestant background.

But sadly, today's protestants have been re-gathered up again by a central authority due to a century long plan to control them having come to fruition. This plan involves the ideology of dispensationalism, a belief system spurred on by the Scofield Reference Bible. This Bible's notes interpret the present-day state of Israel and the Jewish people as the subject of Genesis 12:3, which is interpreted to mean "Those who bless Israel (and Jews) will be blessed, and those who curse them will be cursed." It was first published and popularized by Oxford University press, which was then controlled by Zionist Jews. This interpretation of scripture has metastasized for over a century and its result is evidenced by Israeli flags flying in front of little white churches all across America.

This, with the help of 24/7 pro-Israel propaganda aired by the Jewish monopoly of the airwaves, has produced a mass of energized Christian Zionist chumps in every protestant church in America. They will go to war for Israel, and like the Indo-European Uriah the Hittite, many will die for Israel. They'll get their proverbial 72 blessings in heaven too.

Another war for Israel is inevitable as long as 86% of CEOs in big media remain Jewish. This is not to mention the fact that the few gentiles in big media are people like Rupert Murdoch who many suspect of being part Jewish. His minions on FOX News like Sean Hannity are the most ardent propagandists in support of war for Israel. Hannity frequently has Jewish neo-con guests on his show who claim the Jews in Israel are in for another Holocaust unless the US takes out Iran. What Hannity doesn't tell us is that there are Jews in Iranian government and that tens of thousands of Jews reside peaceably there.

The endless propaganda is frustrating because it's like watching a runaway train you can't stop crash over and over again. The first two wars in Iraq are not the end of the Neo-con clean break strategy. They want Syria and maybe Iran too. Jewish Zionists want us to go after ISIS in order to lure us to the middle east. Once we're there, they'll either stage a false flag attack and frame Syria, or their minions in the media will simply rev up the anti Syria propaganda to provoke the US to go to war with Syria. It's an intelligent, incremental strategy that relies upon the loosely coordinated Jewish control of the media. And all of the protestant saps out there will buy it.

It's not fun watching a train about to crash when there are people on it who you care about. If only the deafening disinformation from the Jewish media could be countered, then gullible protestants could be saved from committing another blunder. But the protestants are indoctrinated. They now serve their new pope, Benjamin Netanyahu, the current prime minister of Israel and avid warmonger. He effeminately urges other countries to attack Iran, which he sits back and protects his beloved co-religionists.

Some might suggest that protestants become Catholic, because most Catholics (unlike Sean Hannity) seem to be immune from pro-Israel propaganda. But with the Catholic pope kissing the feet of a Muslim criminal, and more generally fetishizing people from the third world, it seems Rome itself has become the hand-maiden to third world masses, much as the protestant world has become the pawn of Israel.

Thus, if you're any type of Christian, you either serve the third world or Jews...or both, and there's no room for supporting your own ethnicity. This is not the way it should be. Who will protest against this predicament? Those few young people who still practice the Christian religion don't seem to have the wherewithal or the gumption to mount this sort of protest. It's sad to see protestantism become so twisted and demented in its old age---and like many elderly people, it is being scammed by shysters.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Unwanted Pornography

"Hollywood's Best Boobs" is not the sort of thing you'd expect when you go to a news website. When you go to the Huffington Post (no relation) or Cracked, you're probably not looking for boobs, but you get them anyway-- in the ads to the side or bottom of the article.

The problem with these ads is that they distract you from more meaningful pursuits. In a semi unconscious spirit of intrigue that any red-blooded male would have, you click on "Hollywood's Best Boobs" with the intent of taking a quick look. After looking at 22 pairs of boobs, or whatever, you realize you've wasted 10 minutes of your life, forgot why you went online in the first place, and got all hot and bothered for nothing. Those boobs are not going to materialize in real life. They're just an assortment of colored pixels on a screen--a mirage, and nothing more.

A less sinister but just as damaging event is when you innocently type something in Google and get salacious results. For example, one NuPo contributor typed a math equation in Google in an attempt to use its calculator function and got among the results a youtube video of a woman in a bikini taking her measurements. Even numbers aren't safe.

It's one thing if a person goes online with the intent to actually look at porn and it appears, but when it's unwanted, it's quite annoying.

Another problem is that web filters often block stuff that may involve sexually related words but are not exactly porn. There is really no properly discerning web browser, so having one of those is not really an option for someone who doesn't want to block too much.

Google may be unfixable, but at the very least it'd be nice to boycott liberal sites that exploit your sexual passions with ads that  lead you to waste hours of your life you'll never get back.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

When Jews "Defend" Themselves

Many people in the Jew-controlled American media are clamoring that Israel has the right to defend itself. Despite all the rhetoric from our masters of discourse, rhetoric cannot change reality. The reality is that Israel is not defending itself but is stealing the homeland of Palestinians and has been for over half a century.

This doublespeak reminds us of the Jewish propensity to use misleading rhetoric for causes other than just Israel. For example, the Southern Poverty Law Center is staffed by rich Jews from New York, and the primary role of the Anti-Defamation League is to defame people's reputations. There's an old Polish proverb that says "The Jew screams in pain as he strikes you.”

Neo-con Jews seem to reflexively refer to Palestinians as "Nazis". Michael Savage recently referred to them as such, and some Jewish guest on Sean Hannity couldn't go one segment without insinuating that Iran was like Nazi Germany. Now, Jews live peaceably in Iran and have positions in the Iranian government. No holocaust whatsoever is being committed against them. Moreover, the Nazis invaded other countries to get living space, and as our picture above shows, that's what Israel has been doing to Palestine for a long time.

As a final example, the Jew David Brog, who is the non-Christian head of Christians United for Israel, states that it is a "grassroots" organization.

Audacity is a word that comes to mind to describe Jewish use of rhetoric. Jews seem to use rhetoric as if its ends justify its means. They want you to believe something for a reason, and they don't care whether what they say is in fair play. They have no inborn sense of justice, it seems. Perhaps the debating society of the Talmud bred them to be great debaters over and above being honest men who got by on reputation.

Jews don't just stop at language. They also use misleading propaganda. For example, all American gentile schoolchildren are fed a steady diet of holocaust memoirs at school. The most popular are The Diary of Anne Frank and Ellie Wiesel's Night. But, are Jews skeletal people stuck in concentration camps? Last I checked, 86% of CEOs in big media are Jewish, all top Hollywood producers are Jewish, almost half of all billionaires are Jewish, Jews are almost ten times more likely to get into Harvard, and Israelis receive far more in per capita aid from the US than any other nation despite having a GDP greater than that of Italy. Why would Jews want to be portrayed as weak when they are strong? Well, they may be strong, but they are in the minority and they rely upon host populations to give them full reign to dominate the society. Staying away from being seen as a ubermench gives them the camouflage they need to stay away from suspicion. But Jews have done even better than using camo.

While camouflaging themselves as weak prison camp victims in order to hide their power, Jews have overcome their lack of majority status by creating political correctness, a doctrine aimed at suppressing majority populations. One of its integral texts, the Authoritarian Personality, was sponsored by the AJC. But now that Jews are in so many places of power and authority, the ideology is backfiring in some cases, as we saw in the recent abuse being taken by Jewish sports team owners Dan Snyder and Donald Sterling.

In any case Jews don't mind being hypocritical in pursuit of their objectives. They are impervious to accusations of hypocrisy. Hyper-intelligence minus the conscience enables them to act in this way.

This would describe the dualistic behavior of the ADL's Abe Foxman, who champions American Jewry's right to remind us of the holocaust over and over again, yet took a special plane trip to Ukraine in an attempt to convince its then-rulers not to publicize declassified Soviet documents of the Holodomor genocide, an event in the 1930s in which a largely Jewish cadre Soviet officials helped perpetrate a mass starvation of Ukrainian kulak farmers which is suspected to have resulted in 7-10 million deaths.

However, it seems Jews are not necessarily crueler than other ethnic groups. The white settlers on the frontier were probably just as cruel in their treatment of the Indians as the Zionists were and are of the Palestinians. The difference is that Jews won't admit that they conquered the Palestinians. The reason for this is that Jews must walk a tightrope since they don't enjoy protective majority status. They must pretend to be weak so that gentiles won't gang up on them -- yet at the same time they want to retain their power because Israeli Jews need the political influence that American Jews wield. American Jews must pretend to be liberal while actually being arch-conservatives for Zionism.

In any case, we at the Nothington Post have spent a lot of time pointing out Jewish power for the following reasons:
  1. Jewish control of the media explains its anti-Christian bias. It's not the "devil" like many evangelical pastors would say. Gentiles, including Christians, have a right to have their culture given to them by someone other than a hostile Jewish elite.
  2. Jewish hysteria over suffering another holocaust explains why the same media won't portray white Americans in a positive light and why they won't allow the US to take strong measures against illegal immigration nor to limit legal immigration. White people, including Jews themselves, will continue to suffer from living in an increasingly unfamiliar world as their liberal Jewish overlords in the media prevent them from slowing down the immigration of nonwhites.
Verbal acuity among the Jewish people explains their domination of the media. Although their words may not always correlate very well with reality, they speak smoothly, quickly, and with a lot of charisma. It's a God-given talent that is put to good use by virtue of their superior intelligence and resourcefulness. In spite of seeming to be very fervent and uncontemplative, Jews must understand reality, even if they're words often go against it, because they have performed so well in the real world and are well-off economically.

Will Jews ever allow their white gentile underlings to have the right to defend themselves from mass immigration? Probably not, because the Jews are on top. They are the elite. They have more money and power than any group in world history. If the court of the Bourbon dynasty was detached until the very end, so will the Jews be as nonwhite hordes eventually decide to take away their power.

Will Jews ever fall from power naturally, without a conflict? Possibly. They have come to power because the Jewish skill-set for rhetoric became highly relevant in the 20th century as means of mass communication such as television were developed. Moreover, their history as middle easterners, coming from a trader culture and merchant background, made them masters at operating within the Capitalist ripening in the 20th century. Their conscious practice of usury also aided them. Their tribal methods make them a force to be reckoned with regardless of the age they're in.  

But Jews are not destined to rule over the rest of us, because in different ages they did not have the power they have today. In the warrior age, before the development of Capitalism, they lost to the Persians and the Romans. They were dominated or overthrown by every European power leading up the the Renaissance. When might and military valor was key, they were beaten by other groups.

But such a harsh ancient world is not something we should long for. One glimmer of hope may reside in new technologies that would enable people with a different skill set to succeed in acquiring wealth. This skill set would have to involve spatial intelligence, which involves the ability to picture something in your mind. Jews have high verbal and mathematical intelligence but lower spatial intelligence, relative to other ethnic groups. Maybe the coming developments in virtual reality will enable a new spatially intelligent hierarchy to come to power. Maybe crypto-currencies like Bitcoin will damper the ability of Jews to control the world's money--and thus everything else. Regardless of how it happens, if spatial intelligence ever becomes the key to wealth, then Jews may be deposed as the overlords of the world.

Relative to other groups, it's debatable as to how well Jews have done as the moral compass of the world. They've ruled it for at least the past half century and ruled much of it prior to that. Humanity is more tolerant than ever, but it is also more shallow and consumerist. We look forward to a new day when a new elite will rise to power. Maybe it will be Asians. Maybe it will be white gentiles again. Regardless, we hope they will do better than the Jews have done.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Black People in the Library

Ostriches on icebergs.
Penguins on a grassy plain.
Blacks in the library.

Recent news of the man pictured to the right trying to rape a librarian at the Osterhout Library leads us to explore the experience of black people in the library and ponder more general changes being seen in libraries today.

Before we continue, we'd like to state that there are many intelligent black people who benefit from reading in the library. We do not mean to cast aspersions on such people. We merely mean to explicate relatively new phenomena being seen in metropolitan libraries across the nation, that is, unruly black people tending to populate the library scene.

The first thing one notices about black children as they enter a library is a total lack of volume modulation to fit the quiet surroundings. While white, Asian, and Hispanic children seem to sense the quietness around them as they whisper or talk quietly, the majority of black children talk loudly and often yell and even scream. Moreover, their parents tend to talk loudly.

Is it their Nature?
The inability of many black people to conform to silent surroundings may have something to do with a different evolutionary history. The majority of the ancestors of white and Asians spent their days living in cold conditions, where they'd have to spend many days cooped up in a small area. This would involve communicating quietly in order not to irritate others. The people who were better able to conform to said environment were probably able to reproduce at higher rates. They thus bred into their population an ability to function in quiet conditions. When it comes to Hispanics, much of their ancestry is European, which we just explained. Often some of it is also Amerindian. Yet Amerindians' ancestors also had to weather cold conditions as they made their way across the land bridge to enter the New World. In contrast, it seems blacks would have developed singularly in an open air savannah where a loud voice would have been a benefit. Moreover, there would be less need to modulate behavior since more time spent in a shelter would be during the night when people were sleeping. Indeed, loudness can been seen in black churches dating back to slave days, where vocal participation by the entire church was the norm-- not only during singing but also in the sermon, as many would exclaim "glory!" and "amen!" during parts of the message they agreed with.

Is it Nurture?
Maybe the cause of many blacks' lack of tact in the library does not stem from an innate racial disposition. Maybe it's just part of African American culture. Many Africans who have immigrated to America from Africa have commented on the loudness of their African American co-racials. To be fair, we don't have much experience with Africans from Africa, so we wouldn't have a black population with which to compare African Americans. Maybe the reason African Americans are louder is that they served as field hands during slave days, where they had to communicate over long tracts of land to other people working an area somewhat far away.

Whether it's nature, nurture, or a combination of both, one must admit that many of Wilkes-Barre's blacks have difficulty being quiet in the library. Below are some anecdotes:
I was just trying to use the Internet. A black lady was sitting next to me, and her kid kept repeating the same two-word phrase over and over in an effort to provoke her into leaving. It didn't seem to bother her, but I had to leave. It amazed me how stubborn he was in continuing to do this for almost a half hour. His stubborn use of force rather than an attempt to reason with her or find some other distraction was unsettling.
I did not have any contempt for the old black guy whose deep voice intimated insignificant details to his acquaintance. I just wanted some peace and quiet.
Nerds out, Dregs in
On a more general level, the clientele is becoming worse and worse in the Osterhout library. Homeless people are found there resting on comfy chairs, using bathrooms, and checking Facebook. Ex-cons sit about the tables reminiscing about the doldrums of prison. Aside from these, the very worst types, there are more benign ones. There is the worn-out mother with her child writhing with boredom at her side as she checks Facebook. A teenager sits next to her, adorned with buzzing earbuds. Nearby a millennial's fingers peck away at his laptop, which is receiving the library's free WiFi. Few people read books.

Speaking of milennials, the nerds of their generation have taken to the Internet. If they do read, it's on Kindle. While there are a few bookworms of the baby boomer generation to be seen at the Osterhout, there is seldom anyone younger than 50 who actually reads books.

It's sad, but the days of most libraries are numbered. In the future they will be mere Internet Access hubs for the poor, with a bunch of old, dusty books as a backdrop.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

A Little Wilkes-BAryan Hero

A little white kid saves his friend's bike from a horde of young black thieves.

It was closing time, and the store owner told a group of 4 or 5 recalcitrant black adolescents that they had to leave. Well, she also told the two white kids who were there to leave, just to make it fair. But one of the two white kids protested, saying that he had selected something to buy. So she took him to the register to check out.

Perhaps a spirit of envy came over the expelled black kids as they saw that white kids got to remain inside. The blacks probably didn't have money from their parents to buy anything. They began to mount their bikes which had been left strewn about the sidewalk outside. One of them was shouting, "they checkin' out now, they ready to leave." Something was suspicious about the black kids, as if one of them was trying to convince the other to do something drastic. Then they took off like the wind.

Next the two white kids exited the building, and one of them, a portly little fellow who was maybe tall for his age, halted in his tracks, looking a little shocked. "They stole my bike" he said, with a combination of alarm and dismay.

"I already called the police, and I'm waiting for them to answer" said his companion, a wiry little white kid with skin tanned from many summer days. He faltered a bit at describing their location to the police, but a guardian angel nearby suggested that he say the name of the business they had just left, since it would be well-known to the city cops. He did this, and handed the phone over to his portly friend who would go on to describe the color of the bike.

Next, our little wiry hero wasted no time as he began asking people outside the store which direction the kids had gone. They didn't know, so he rode with speed down the street to come upon a distant lanky teenager who seemed to tell him something important. His wheels roared as he peddled back to the store to deliver the message.

"He said they went in the direction of the restaurant" he yelled to his friend, who was still on the phone with the cops.

"I would have chased after them", he added, "but if I fought them it would have been five against one and I probably would have got beat up." This was quite a display of forethought for such a young kid, for whom wits were a guiding force above either fear or foolhardiness.

Eventually the cops reported over the phone that they had spotted a group of black kids near the restaurant who had an extra bike in tow. The cops told the white kids wait outside the store for a cop car to arrive.

As the two white kids waited, the portly one asked "Are you gonna call your mom?" to which our little hero replied "No, that would just upset her, they'll get your bike back anyway; I'm just waiting around here with you because you're my friend." This was quite a display of sacrificial altruism by a young kid who manned up enough to handle the situation himself, sparing his mom stress and his friend loneliness.

And so the two white kids waited a little longer under the warm afternoon sun. Our hero was still small for his bike, and it seemed he would fit it better with time as he grew. One might picture his ancestors in Europe riding horseback, chasing bandits across green plains rather than Wilkes-Barre's blacktop city streets.

A few minutes later a big cop car pulled up. After asking the people who had gathered there some questions, the cop beckoned the portly white kid to come in the giant cruiser with him to be reunited with his green bike, which had been found in possession of the black kids near the restaurant. The portly white kid's eyes opened wide with surprise at having to suddenly jump in the cop car while en route to a mission to recover his bike.

After they left, our wiry little hero bade farewell to the guardian angel, nonchalantly bowing his strong-minded blue eyes and dirty blonde air. He then mounted his mechanical steed and rode off, perhaps to reappear another day, under another afternoon sun.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Mexican Children and Palestinian Terrorists

Every Palestinian is a terrorist. Every Mexican is a starving child.

Or so you would think from the American media which, of course, is controlled by Jews.

Is it just me, or is it that every time ABC News radio mentions the Israeli offensive into Gaza, the newscast quickly segues into a sob story about Mexican orphans on the border?

It drives me a little nuts, because in one case brown Palestinians are presented as innately evil, and in another, brown Mexicans are presented as suffering saints. Brown people magically become good when located in the Southwest US, as opposed to when they're in the Levant. This seems like Schizophrenia to me, that is, if we take the Jewish media's professed universalist morality seriously. If we take it as a cover for stealthy Jewish political machinations, then all things suddenly become clear.

According to the media, the Jews have been rightfully invading Palestinian territory for a long time. Thus, invading one set of brown people is good. Yet Jewish professors in the US condemn as oppressors white settlers who invaded Indian territory. Invading another set of brown people is bad.

It actually has nothing to do with the people being invaded. It has to do with the invader. If the invader is Jewish, he has manifest destiny and is defending his right to settlement. If the invader is a white gentile, he is ipso facto an evil oppressor.

What's funny is that Jews never would have ventured into America if its abodes were still teepees and longhouses. English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Scotch Irish people settled the new world and made it habitable for Jewish merchants and traders. Only by virtue of the hardships of white gentile pioneers could the Jews come in after them. The Jews' way of thanking them is to call them a cancer of human history and to stir up other races against them.

Anyway, my theory is that most Jews truly are liberal at heart. But most rank their Jewishness above their liberalism, and therefore suspend it whenever it comes to Israel. A few Jews like Norman Finklestein take their liberalism so seriously that they refrain from suspending it when it comes to Israel, but such Jews have little influence in the media.

As we've seen, if Jewish conquest is a reason to suspend being liberal, White gentile conquest is a reason to kick it into high gear. But even if white gentiles wish to organize merely to the extent of defending their territory from invaders, it is cause for demonizing them as hateful racists. Jews want to prevent large groups of white people from organizing against non-white invaders because they view such groups as a potential threat to Jews. It's better to deal with the Mexican invasion rather than risk allowing the "Nazi threat" to metastasize. Therefore, white gentiles' only option is to fall down and play dead during any sort of ethnic conflict or otherwise the masters of discourse will start a seemingly coordinated smear job against them.

White people should oppose invasion because they tend to fit in best with a population that is similar to them. In such as situation, the averages are in their favor that someone will have similar interests and tendencies. Living among another racial group, with a differently shaped set of bell curve for various behaviors is more likely to leave that white person bowling alone, as sociologist Robert Putnam found when he discovered that multiracial areas of the country tend to exhibit less social activity.

White gentiles are scheduled to become another minority. We're all minorities, and in that sense we're all Jews now. But it seems white gentiles will never be privy to political correctness in the media. They will still be feared and reviled by the Jewish media because they are seen as the biggest threat and the greatest competitor.

It seems that in America if you want to see pro-white television programming, your best bet would be to tune into the Spanish channel. This may also be the case for pro-Palestinian reporting as well...

Sunday, July 13, 2014

The Jewish Question

Some years ago, after becoming vaguely familiar with some criticisms of Jews, I couldn't understand why Jews, who I thought of as white, were seen as an enemy by dissident white conservatives. I thought maybe it was some weird Nazi obsession. Jews are white, so what's the problem?

Some of the following information has led to a change in my thinking.

Masters of Discourse
86% CEOs in big media are Jewish, and big media is trash. These Jews broadcast biased news stories in support of affirmative action for blacks above middle class white gentiles at state universities, yet said media outlets themselves are highly Jewish. Indeed, ABC News may be more Jewish than B'nai B'rith, yet if you point it out or call for affirmative action for white gentiles in media, they will shout calumnies at you.

There is basically no "British media", "Swedish media", or media in any Western European country. It's all controlled by Jews. These Jews support minority rights in European countries because they are minorities in said counties. The problem is that now Europe is on road to becoming a cold, wet version of Saudi Arabia. Any efforts to stop this are viewed as the beginnings of a Nazi takeover and fervently vilified in print, television, and on the web. And Israel, via illegal settlements, expands by the day.

Economic Domination
But concerning what happened in Nazi Germany, it's very similar to what's happening today. Before WWII Jews controlled a great portion of commerce in Germany. The Jewish practice of business is to never allow a money-making asset to pass from Jewish hands to white gentile hands. If possible, they strive to keep everything in the tribe. Meanwhile white gentiles feud among themselves as they become wayward clients of a Jewish plutocracy.

Libido Dominandi
Jews' sense of tribal identity and disconcern for those outside the tribe often leads them to have a total lack of respect for the well-being of the gentiles they wish to exploit. This is an advantage in the game of business. The gangsta rap promoted by Jewish record labels has destroyed black people in America by stoking their appetites for bad things and burning out the Christian religion they had learned from white gentiles. A provocative culture of drugs, sex, and Rock & Roll, promoted by Jewish entertainment moguls, has also damaged the lives of many whites--including Jews. Sex sells, and the Jews were prepared to sell it. The Jews in charge of these industries would claim it was just Bizzinizz, much as the slave trade was in which they heavily partook.

A final explication of Jewish exploitation of sexual appetites can be seen in Oscar Wilde's The Picture of Dorian Gray where in one scene we read the following:
About half past eight I passed by an absurd little theatre, with great flaring gas-jets and gaudy play-bills. A hideous Jew, in the most amazing waistcoast I ever beheld in my life, was standing at the entrance smoking a vile cigar. He had greasy ringlets, and an enormous diamond glazed in the center of a soiled shirt. ‘Have a box, my Lord?’ he said, when he saw me, and he took of his hat with an air of gorgeous servility. There was something about him, Harry, that amused me. He was such a monster. You will laugh at me, I know, but I really went in and paid a whole guinea for the stage-box […]

[…] But Juliet! Harry, imagine a girl, hardly seventeen years of age, with a little flower-like face, a small Greek head with plaited coils of dark brown hair… She was the loveliest thing I had ever seen in my life.[…]

[…]On the first night I was at the theatre, the horrid old Jew came round to the box after the performance was over, and offered to take me behind the scenes and introduce me to her. I was furious with him…
Oscar Wilde was a homosexual who by virtue of his sexual license contracted a venereal disease that killed him. But despite his own sexual depravities, he still felt it was wrong to exploit people sexually for money. No longer would we see a widespread sympathizing with Wilde to protect the innocence of people using sex for money. Sex is cool on TV.

The Key to Domination
Jews are highly intelligent. White gentiles are to Jews as blacks are to white gentiles. It's only a matter of time before Jews dominate any European society into which they venture. In fact, the original Magna Carta, written in 1215 AD, had passages that protected widows from the wiles of Jews who would endeavor to collect interest from them on loans previously made out to their deceased husbands.

Average IQ
Ashkenazi Jew: 115
White gentile: 100
Black: 85

It's really that simple. They dominate because they're bred to do so. The Jews' only rival is that of a Western European man, who, existing in greater numbers, can produce a greater number of geniuses overall in spite of having far fewer as a proportion of their population. I believe this is why we see a continual need by the Jewish media to drag whites through the mud. By demoralizing white people, liberal Jews are merely preventing a neighboring tribe from organizing. This simultaneously enhances the power of the Jewish tribe as the gentiles mill around unaware of the Jewish tribalism among them.

Tribal Alliances
Please pardon a brief digression into the nature of tribal politics. Ancient pre-Christian Europe was filled with many tribes. The Franks, Goths, Vandals, Huns, and thousands of other groups warred with each other for control of land, resources, or merely just to plunder. It would often be the case that one tribe would team up with another against a more powerful enemy. This would describe how the Goths allied with the Romans to combat Attilla the Hun and his constellation of allies when he was at the apex of his power in Europe. Often, things would be done more informally, as a tribe would stir up a neighboring one against a common foe. White gentiles have long since lost their tribal distinctions. The many tribes and factions which warred with each other were universalized under the power of the Roman Catholic church. Eventually national identity would take the place of religious identity, which would finally be replaced with one-world capitalism and globalism eventually replacing it in the 21st century. But the Jews still have their tribal identity, and while some groups such as WASPs or Catholic ethnics may have had rivalries in 20th century America, there was no tribe more well-organized than that of the Jews.

Jews were mad about being kept out of the country club by WASPs. They didn't like being called "Christ killers" by Catholics. So they created an ideology of political correctness and "civil rights" to stop these practices. They teamed up with  blacks from the south, not because they really cared about the blacks, but because they needed an ally to take on a more powerful group, ie Christians. This explains why Jews in the media whitewash or ignore Israel's crimes against the darker skinned Palestinians while exhorting us to bewail the sufferings of those few blacks who suffer at the hands of white gentile attackers who are at least descended from Christians. This is also why Jewish radicals--many of whom were staunch Zionists--would, in the 1950s and 1960s, venture down to the south and "stir up" blacks against whites. It was done in self interest.

Religious Origins of Enmity
A Christian can go to church and be told to love his enemies, to preach the gospel to nonbelievers, and to "forgive us our transgressions, even as we forgive those who have transgressed against us." Christians are made to feel guilty about hating people when they go to church. I even feel a little guilty about this post since I know many innocent Jews and Jewish friends of mine who are kind people, and I worry that exposing what I have here may blow back on them. Nevertheless, the evil deeds of the Jewish community at large must be brought to light to reroute the world toward a better direction. Anyway, in contrast to Christians, when Jews turn to their religion, they are told loving things about people in other religions, all of them, that is, except for Christians. They revile Christians and Jesus, as is revealed in My Name is Asher Lev, in passages of the Talmud, and by Brother Nathaneal's testimony, along with many other sources. Jews hate Christians because Jews remember all the persecutions they suffered at their hands. Unlike Christians, they never forgave their transgressors; they even take special care to remember them. But if Jews had instead dwelt among Toaists or Bhuddists or West African voodoo worshipers, they would have suffered persecution at their hands, and would probably hate them today. In all their hysterical fervor, Jews fail to realize this. But, maybe that's not it. Maybe Jews view white gentiles as a formidable foe and prefer to rule over less intelligent, darker skinned fellaheen. Actually, white gentiles probably make much better fellaheen than darker skinned peoples.

Wars for Israel and the Zionist Takeover of Conservatism in America
Obama won't go to war for Israel. He won't issue any executive orders to take out Israel's critics in the middle east. Indeed, Obama at some deep level knows that Palestinians are the underdogs. They are like the blacks, the American Indians, the darker skinned peoples with whom he identifies. The neo-cons' inability to tame Obama as they did the WASPs George Bush I and George Bush II illustrates that Jews don't always benefit from teaming up with the darker races over whites. Perhaps white gentiles are more gullible than blacks. They may be more easily disposed to action as well. I'm actually glad the neo-con favorite Romney lost because otherwise I'd be drafted and on my way to die for Israel and be Uriah the Hittite 2.0, this as Jews stay home and mingle with white gentile women.

While pro-white conservatism in America has been moved to the realm of extreme taboo, unflinching loyalty to Israel and pro-Jewish Zionism is standard fare among conservatives today. As supporters of Ross Perot, Pat Buchanan, and Ron Paul would all find out, if you don't advocate wars for Israel, you're an "isolationist" and "naive." Most of the white Christians who rejected Ron Paul did so because of his criticism of the Iraq war. Their disagreements with him always stemmed back to his "weakness" on foreign policy. While the Jewish press has us thinking Islamic sandbox countries are run by the equivalent of Doctor Evil, conservatism is being reduced to a clearing house for Zionism--the only form of acceptable traditional culture in a land of Jewish cultural hegemony.

I don't view the organized Jewish community as an enemy because I hate them physically. Jews are white, and many look whiter than me. I get along with many of them. But I dislike them as a whole for their evil deeds. At some deep level though, I feel Jews would hate me and people like me because they sense they're superior. The Jews I see are very verbal, and talk with each other incessantly. They don't grunt short phrases like the white gentiles I know. Jews are verbally superior and intellectually as well. They know they're better. They sense it. I still maintain however that they have been bred to be over-intellectualized and that they don't excel in aesthetics. They're aesthetically challenged and Hollywood is proof. Okay, maybe I dislike their genotype a little. But the real problem with them is that they don't have a live and let live mentality. They won't let whites live among themselves, unimpeded from progress by invading peoples. They won't let them be who they are.

So where do we go from here? Some advocate shipping all Jews to Israel as a kind of fantasy. I can identify with this, but it's meaningless to indulge in such fantasies. Plus, there'd be no problem at all with Jews if they'd just stop attacking white people. A small minority of Jews are pro-white and I love these Jews. Converting to being pro-white is not as demanding as converting to Christianity, and I'd be perfectly happy with them if they genuinely did this.

The best way to carry on is to wait. Educate, spread the word, and wait. Do your part to educate and convince white people you know that having a white organization is no worse than having the NAACP.

Before we can really do anything meaningful, we need a moral revolution to take place which induces whites to prevent their lands from being swamped by nonwhite invaders. This revolution should appeal to Jews as well. As for now, just sit back and wait for it to come. Destiny will guide it.