Friday, December 9, 2011

Talk Radio Goes for Gingrich

Many "conservative" talk radio show hosts want The Gingrinch to steal the election.

Chief among them is Sean Hannity, who became upset when Rand Paul mentioned on his show that The Gingrinch voted against the Reagan Republicans when he voted for the Federal Department of education in 1979. Hannity peeped in reply that Gingrich is a supporter of charter schools, to which Rand Paul replied that The Gingrinch favors federal government control of education just as Obama does. Hannity became so upset that he resorted to a Red Herring, saying that Gingrich had some faults just as Ron Paul allegedly had faults in foreign policy, to which Rand replied that Ron's views on foreign policy do nothing more than align with the constitution.

Rush the repetitive Limbaugh is incessantly setting up the false dilemma of the election being between Romney and Gingrich only. You wouldn't know any other candidates were running from listening to him.

Laura Ingram, who is chummy with Ed Rendell of all people, has been worshipping the glorious vision of Newtonian politics with the same vigor that she once used to laud the deep piety of Rick Perry. Ingram also seems to believe that uttering the name "Ron Paul" is against FCC regulations.

Additionally, other media outlets--liberal and conservative-- seem obsessed with giving Newt positive coverage.

But no matter how much talk radio et al lauds Gingrich, ultimately his chances will depend on how he himself appeals to the people. The media tried to uphold Rick Perry as a serious candidate, and he has plummeted in the polls due to his stupidity and phoniness. Hopefully, the phony conservative Gingrich will also be seen for what he is.