Thursday, March 7, 2013

Rand Paul Hits Home Run with Filibuster

Rand Paul's filibuster was a hit--even with Obama's media outlets such as ABC News and MSNBC. Although they often purposefully obscured his reason for filibustering, ie the fact that Brennan couldn't assure Rand that Americans wouldn't be targeted, most of the media gave a favorable presentation of his stand.
The Huffington Post (...) gave Rand the most publicity of the major liberal outlets, because compared with ABC/NBC/CBS, it is far less pro-establishment, less connected to the White House, and more likely to prioritize civil libertarian values above conformity with Washington.

Rush Limbaugh had Rand on his show today, and allowed him full reign to discuss the problems with the proposed drone policy. Limbaugh seemed to be reluctantly supportive of Rand, but nevertheless he gave Rand plenty of time to speak and had a respectable discourse with him. This is a huge victory for Rand because he was given a platform in the difficult-to-crack neo-con talk radio syndicate.

Laura Ingraham wrote an article praising Rand, a rare thing for her to do with someone who isn't a neo-con like she is.

The same could not be said of the vile neo-con Mark Levin, who astonishingly has no mention of the name Rand Paul anywhere on his site, even regarding an article specifically about Rand's filibuster. Levin, a bloodthirsty warmongering Zionist, cares much more about Rand voting for Chuck Hagel and thus against the wishes of the Lobby than he does about Rand protecting our freedoms.

Anyway, Rand chose a good issue to make a stand on. Virtually every sane American, liberal, conservative, libertarian, etc, can identify with the need for a trial by jury.

Rand chose a good nominee to filibuster, because Brennan is a non-Jewish white guy, so Rand cannot be calumnied as anti-semitic or racist by the sneaky media for opposing him.

Finally, Rand energized his pro-liberty base after previously doing some things that had discouraged them, such as voting for NDAA2013, supporting sanctions on Iran, and refusing to discuss Bilderberg.

And in any sense, the genuineness of Rand's filibuster, bourne out by the fact that his speech was substantive throughout, is something most people want more of in politics.