Sunday, October 17, 2010

Goldsworthy's Public Preschool Plan

In the debate October 13th between 120th district candidates, Bill Goldsworthy made an "out of left field" proposal. Unfortunately, Phyllis Mundy and her Royal Guard (the League of Women Voters members running the event) would not allow the debate to be filmed even though both the Tim Mullen and Bill Goldsworthy campaigns wanted it filmed. So, we had to rely on the account of a NuPo correspondent:
It was the most bizarre thing ever. Everything Mayor Goldsworthy had said up until that point had accorded with mainstream Republican belief. Then, out of left field, he advocated publicly funded preschools, and he seemed to say it with more energy than he used for all of his other postitions.
It is indeed bizarre that someone alleging to be a fiscal conservative would advocate for another entitlement in the midst of PA's precarious fiscal situation. Forget about any further incursions on taxpayer property rights and on religious liberties such public preschools might impose. Perhaps Goldsworthy's boredom with staying fiscally conservative is what prompted John Cordora, Walter Griffith, Michael Baloga, and other NEPA Republicans to endorse Tim Mullen.

In all fairness to Mr. Goldsworthy, he has run a clean campaign insofar as the NuPo knows. Moreover, he & his staff had taken time to meet and shake hands with Mullen campaign workers and other attendees,* and Goldsworthy's conduct was gentlemanly. The problem for Goldsworthy is that he is not as committed as Mullen is to liberty and fiscal conservatism.

It must also be stressed that Mullen is also pro-life, and that although Goldsworthy has advocated a pro-life stance more frequently than Mullen, Mullen's campaign workers are courting pro-life voters by publicizing Mullen's pro-life stance.

*Mundy did not.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Majority of Moderates and Independents Perceive Liberal Bias in Media

According to a Gallup Poll, Independents are three times more likely to believe the media is too liberal rather than too conservative. Moderates were 2.66 times more likely to believe the media to be too liberal rather than too conservative.

To see an overview of the poll, see link below: