Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Cars for Cash Protest Shines Spotlight on Corruption

Citizens rightly outraged by the underhanded dealings between tow truck operator Leo Glodzik III and Wilkes-Barre City Government and Police held a protest Saturday September 17th.

Traffic was a little thin, and the city hall building was closed on the weekend, but the press showed up, and mayoral candidate Betsy Summers made sure the few cars that did pass by heard her loudspeaker into which she chanted "Investigate Glodzik-gate!" The organizer of the event, Mark Robbins, brought police tape to wrap around the proverbial crime scene of city hall and others wrote messages on poster-boards that they commenced to wave before passing vehicles. All in all, it was a brisk sunshiny day of righteous protest.

Notable attendees were protest organizer Mark Robbins, Libertarian Party of PA chairman Lou Jasikoff, Wilkes-Barre mayoral candidates Betsy Summers and Lisa Cope, as well as Luzerne County Council candidate Tim Mullen, the good tow truck operator Bob Kaluboski, and Republican Primary W-B mayoral candidates Frank Sorick and Karen Ceppa. Many other anti-Leighton protestors attended and added up to about 25 people in all. Ron Paul supporters staged a complementary Ron Paul sign wave at the site, and some partook in the protest of Wilkes-Barre government corruption.

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