Saturday, September 10, 2011

Crazy Cestwood Superintendent Refuses to Cancel School

Crestwood High School Superintendent Dave McLaughlin-Smith decided not to cancel classes Friday despite massive flooding in the Wyoming Valley. Crestwood was the only school in Luzerne County that did not close.

One may argue that Mountain Top, where Crestwood is located, was not in any danger of significant flooding and therefore should have had school. However, this is a small-minded view for a number of reasons.

First, evacuees from the floodplain below were reportedly having difficulty finding places to stay. The Crestwood gymnasium may have been better used as a refuge for them rather than for school activities.

Secondly, many residents of Mtn Top undoubtedly had family members living near the river in areas such as Wilkes-Barre and Forty Fort who needed help coping with things. If at least the high school kids were allowed to stay home, things would have been easier.

Third, many Crestwood employees actually live in the floodplain or in school districts that were closed due to imperiled roads. Placing these people in danger is not in the interest of safety or education.

Finally, What possibly could have been more important on the school schedule Friday than the need for an evacuee center, for time to take care of loved ones, and relief from having to travel perilous roadways? Although, school is important, it's not like the children aren't there 179 other days out of the year. This has led me to conclude that the superintendent has an irrational fixation with not canceling school and is crazy.

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