Friday, December 24, 2010

Photo Journal: Nativity Scenes of Wilkes-Barre

(Above) From Chapel of Christ the King, King's College, PA.

Close-up of creche at King's College.

Manger Scene at Public Square. Donated by the people of St. Mary's Church of the Maternity, located nearby at 40 Park Ave. Wilkes-Barre.

Luzerne County Courthouse.

Regarding the last picture, the photographer noticed only afterward that the baby Jesus is apparently missing. It is possible that he was stolen, or that he may have simply not yet been born. More inquiry will be made into this subject later.

Also, the reason the manger in the last picture is jumbled up by Santa and candy canes behind it is that county officials do not want a lawsuit on their hands, which would likely be by brought by the the ACLU again on behalf of the same person(s) who contacted them last year. Although the scene now looks jumbled, and is now farther away from the corner, it looks cool against the enclosure of the early 20th century court house building.

Update 12-25-10

On Christmas day the baby Jesus was found safe and secure in the manger.

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