Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Comments on the NFL & NFL Network

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell should encourage the banning of women from locker rooms because the players don't like being seen naked by them. I know doing so may be considered non-PC, but it's worth it for the players.

Also, I'm really getting sick of the show-boating by players like DeSean Jackson (pictured below). Think about it, whenever he taunts a defender after scoring a TD, he basically says to him: "that million contract extension isn't going to be yours, and you won't be able to help your (possibly poor) relatives."

I'm also sick of the convulsive seizures payers have after every single play they make.

The Whole Pinkification of the month of October was really annoying. It's one thing to fight for a cause, it's another to be in-your-face about it. The aesthetic devastation caused by the breast cancer racketeering out-weighed any tiny marginal benefits from additional donations garnered by it.

Finally, I applaud the efforts to discourage helmet to helmet hits because a sports game should not entail severe brain damage. One player, I believe it was Steelers WR Hines Ward, said in an interview that the league's crackdown on concussing head to head hits was not about protecting the players but about protecting the NFL's public image since, if the league owners truly cared about safety, they would not be currently calling for a 18 game season. Concerning this, I believe Ward is right. Moreover, we already have enough games with 16: as far as I know there are no fans clamoring for more games; and the players, who will have to risk incurring more injuries, don't want a longer season. To me, the marginal gains for the NFL of an 18-game season will be small since they'll sell beaucoup de memorabilia regardless of season length, and since any additional injuries would hurt the players and thereby the NFL.

The best three NFL Network hosts are:
1. Jamie Dukes--he's really good both in offering substantive analysis and in terms of being generally amiable.
2. Mike Mayock is a great draft analyst and also a good on the show Playbook.
3. Sterling Sharpe is a good announcer, voice-over doer, and analyst.

Warren Sapp is a good host because of his bubbly personality and game experience, but his thick ebonics make him ill-suited for voice-overs of highlight reels.

In terms of bad hosts, I find hosts Michael Irvin and Deion Sanders annoying.

Finally, I'm sick of the grungy rock music set to most of the highlight reels on NFL Network. The commentary is good, but must it be accompanied by that squizzy, nasty noise?

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  1. Donovan Mcnabb (Washington Redskins) drops back for a pass, but gets blasted by the Dallas Defense and flies back a few yards lol.
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