Wednesday, September 1, 2010

King's College Students Stop Thieves

King's College Senior Stuart Mulzac wrestled one thief to the ground while his classmate Dan Danoski chased the other thief until police could arrive at the scene.

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The main story is the heroism of the King's College students. But there are two sub-stories. First, Wal-Mart has in the past taken flak for not providing adequate security in their parking lots. Wal-Mart, it has been said, is too cheap to protect its customers once they leave the store.

Wal-Mart was cheap when it gave the heroes only $25 each, because the two probably did more security work in the 10 minute span during which they thwarted the theives' getaway than the female security guard did in her whole tenure at Wal-Mart. In other words, Stu and Dan should have gotten a lot more of a reward from the notoriously cheap Wal-Mart. Moreover, the inefficacy of unintimidating female security guards (an obvious phenomenon), may make Wal-Mart think twice before trying to appease feminists by hiring less-than adequate female security guards.

However, let not aforesaid things overshadow the heroic and noble acts of the King's College students Mulzac and Danoski.

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