Sunday, August 22, 2010

Former Vandal Awarded Diploma

For those who have wondered what became of Nathan Strawn, a student caught by police lewdly defaming a nativity scene in Public Square last January, there is news.

According to the August 22nd print edition of the Times Leader, Strawn received his Bachelor's of Arts degree in Communications from King's College in the college's summer commencement held Saturday.

The NuPo is unable to enquire about the conditions of Strawn's graduation, but it is safe to assume that Strawn must have met the conditions for any penance(s) imposed on him by college officials. Because of the lack information, NuPo writers cannot opine informedly on whether the college acted justly; but suffice it to say that if Strawn had similarly vandalized a nativity 50 years ago, the penalty imposed on him likely would have been more demanding.

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