Thursday, September 30, 2010

Praise with Context

A one Dan Skok took the liberty of writing a letter to the editor in the Times Leader praising Phyllis Mundy. Because the letter was wantonly lacking context, I thought I'd provide some. I hope Mr. Skok doesn't mind. My additions are in bold, and all else is his.

Most elected officials are not volunteers; they do get paid. Some earn it, while others do not. Some give above and beyond what is expected for their pay.

I have seen the works of state Rep. Phyllis Mundy, D-Kingston. I have seen her help any citizen in need. She does not ask how you are registered to vote; she does not ask if you’re registered at all. She will ask, “How can I help you?” [except when it came to her pay raise, when she asked the reverse]. She will stand shoulder to shoulder with a group of volunteers to complete a project for which she gained the funding [from other people's money].

I was there when my school district, Wyoming Area, received $30,000 in grants [which she taxed from other people] to help build the Tenth Street and Montgomery Avenue elementary schools’ playgrounds. I was there when she dedicated the new fence [which she paid for with other people's money] at the Wyoming/West Wyoming Sixth Street Little League field, built with another $10,000 grant. The new police vehicles that protect us were a result of her hard work [in allocating other people's money.].

I am disturbed to hear some election-year “politicians” try to portray Rep. Mundy as self-serving. I have seen the total opposite [except for when she buys votes using other people's money].

I believe that Rep. Mundy’s picture or an article about her good works could be in the newspaper every day. I believe her interest is serving the people she represents [when she can give them other people's money].

Thank you and good job, Rep. Mundy.

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