Friday, July 16, 2010

Tom Corbett Grandstanding in the Library?

In several public libraries in Luzerne County, and Lord knows how many others across Pennsylvania, there have appeared posters with a young(er) Tom Corbett's picture on them.

Now, I'm sure Brian Nutt, Corbett's campaign manager, would say that the posters have nothing to do with Corbett's current gubernatorial candidacy. But as the NuPo and other News outlets have shown, Nutt has denied other striking coincidences, including Corbett's subpoena of Twitter account users who alleged to expose his corrupt dealings in prosecuting the Bonusgate scandal, and his withdrawal from events at which then primary candidate Sam Rohrer was also scheduled to attend.

It is plain that the poster above is stealth propaganda, meant to show the on-the-fence voter, who may have heard Corbett criticized for challenging the supposedly beneficial Healthcare overhaul, that Corbett is "a man of the people," out to make sure we get fair health care.

For those of you who might say that the poster is not an all too convenient form of posturing, Answer me this: "When else have you seen a 'public service' poster with the attorney general's picture on it?"

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