Monday, July 12, 2010

Mansfield Endorses Effort to Write-In Sam Rohrer

On Friday at the York County Campaign for Liberty meeting former grassroots conservative gubernatorial candidate Robert Allen Mansfield endorsed the Write-in campaign for Sam Rohrer. The following was taken from his facebook fanpage:

12 July 2010

My friends there comes a time when Principles must be put before Politics and Party. We have witnessed some good candidates for Governor of Pa be ignored, Disrespected and just pushed out of the Primary. The State GOP has ignored the will of the Republican voters and turned the process of running for Governor into a Rap contest “ Who got next “. But with a structural deficit of 5 Billion dollars and 8 to 10 Billion-dollar Pension bomb on the horizon along with 3.2 Billion dollars in debt. Pennsylvania is quickly heading into receivership. This is not a Damn Rap contest.

The structural changes that I have advocated while I was running for Governor have not changed: shrinking our Public Balance sheet, shrinking the size of the Legislature from 11-1 down to 7-1, and shrinking the 90 Boards, agencies and Commissions down to 33 constitutionally mandated agencies. The reduction and elimination of onerous regulations, the elimination of both the Property tax and the Personal Income tax. And Instituting the Fair Tax. I will continue to advocate for these systemic and structural changes in Pennsylvania.

But today, there is a Gentleman who I agree with on all of the Issues. Our style is different, but we’re no less committed to Bringing The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania back from the State of Dependence to a State of Independence. My fellow Pennsylvanians would you Join me in the Biggest Write in Campaign in the History of Not Just Pennsylvania, but in the Nation, I am asking you write in Sam Rorher’s name in November. Join up, sign up, and don’t let up until Mr. Rorher has won this election. The time is now for you to stop being scared, have a heart, (They say that Oz never did give nothing to the Tin man that he didn’t already have.) It is time to take back the Commonwealth, it is time to put away childish things and put this man of God over the top. WRITE IN MR. SAM RORHER FOR GOVERNOR OF PENNSYLVANIA.

Robert Allen Mansfield (I)
Former Candidate for Governor. Of Pennsylvania .

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