Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Obama Loves Private Jet Owners

Many falsely claim that Obama is jealous of private jet owners because of some of his recent rhetoric. But the policies he enforces couldn't be more antithetical to this view.

Consider this: If one us regular people wants to board an airplane, we will likely have to choose between being groped or seen naked by a TSA minion. Yet, if a billionaire wants to board a private jet, he need not worry about any such molestation.

The reason the TSA gives for groping everyone, including children, is that in the past there have been a few sparse incidents--likely all of them in the middle east--in which children were used as suicide bombers. In somewhat of a non sequitur fashion, the TSA extrapolates from this that all American children need to be groped or looked at naked.

But, the underwear bomber reportedly came from a wealthy family. Indeed, many people from upscale families have been recruited as terrorists. Even people who fly private jets might be terrorists. So according to the TSA's logic, shouldn't people who board private jets be groped too--to make sure that one of them isn't a terrorist set to hijack the jet and fly it into the white house?

We are not advocating more groping--be it of private jet passengers or anyone else. We merely mean to point out that Obama's actual policies, those overseen by his DHS appointee Janet Napolitano, undermine his very rhetoric. Obama loves private jet owners so much that he trusts them to fly ungroped.

In the words of Jesse Ventura: political rhetoric today is like pro wrestling; it's show biz.



  1. Is is happy about the Private Jet owners to collect the tax from them.

  2. You're right it's a little bit crazy that private jet's don't get the ridiculous security check that commercial airline passengers face, but that's what I like about private jet charter. I Rent a Private Jet to avoid the hassle of the groping security guards.

  3. haha! and I quote you, "billionaire need not to worry such molestation" -- I agree, being in the government or a multi-billionaire has a lot of perks and constantly receives quite a special treatment just cause they're paying more when they are hiring a private jet.