Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Velma Chides Hannity for being Obsessed with the Anthony Weiner Scandal

A woman named Velma from New Orleans called in to the Sean Hannity radio show and reprimanded him for spending too much time covering liberal congressman Anthony Weiner's sexting debacle. Hannity half tried to sidestep the question by mentioning unrelated stuff and then tried to cover himself by claiming that the incident was of prime importance.

But Velma was right. There's only so much nonsense people can take from hucksters like Hannity, who focus on insignificant gossipy things.

Hannity mentions many good things on his show, like concerns over eminent domain. But he rails on incessantly about Islamic Terrorism, which 99.999% of Americans have not been hurt by in the past year.

More generally, if Hannity really cared about the well-being of his listeners, he wouldn't fill their heads up with such gossipy trifles that don't truly inform them or make them smarter voters.

But being gossipy probably nets Hannity better ratings...

Yes, it is obvious that Weiner did something bad, but he needs to be criticized primarily on his bad ideas and policies--the things that actually affect people, not harassed over a singular sin of his. Going on a crusade to try to prove that all liberals are immoral people is a terrible strategy for the conservative movement because Anthony Weiner can simply be replaced with a liberal who doesn't sext.

When I was once a talk radio listener, I tried in vain to try to get liberals to think all liberals were immoral but it was to no avail. You've got to get people to see that it is the liberal policies that are the problem. This requires education and thought, neither of which a casual radio listener may want to give.

I suggest people seek out other sources of media, like The Freeman and news outlets like The Hill, the Washington Times, and Russia Today. For TV, there's "Freedomwatch" with Judge Napolitano. Napolitano may not have Hannity's looks and voice, but he is a lot more genuine in what he covers and how he covers it. Also, look to Christian Churches to hear the truth on moral issues, not some disc-jockey trying to get ratings.

I wish there were a mainstream radio show host I could recommend. But most of them are as gossipy as Hannity. Michael Savage is decent, but you have to listen through hours of him talking about his boat, his dog, his latest spaghetti recipe, his boyhood, all of which, although entertaining because of his wit and storytelling ability, are a lot to suffer through if you just want to hear only politics. Moreover, Savage, too, gets caught up in the character assassination hysteria, leaving his listeners so hateful of liberals that they blindly support the political opponents of such liberals without being critical enough of them. But at least Savage actually criticizes Republicans when they act like Democrats. He condemned Bush's rampant spending.

Savage's pick of Romney for president in 2008 was a bad choice, but overall Savage is probably the most honest major conservative talk-show host out there. He also has good guests on his show, one of whom, Jack Hunter, is an excellent and articulate commentator. Hunter has a radio show of his own, but it isn't widely syndicated.

When it comes to criticizing Democrats, conservative talk radio is fairly decent, (except Hannity and O'Reilly who obsess over minutia). But when it comes to being smart about which Republicans to support, talk radio gets an F.

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