Monday, April 4, 2011

GOPagandists Trump up Miniscule Budget Cuts

Meanwhile, Democrats are also trumping them up, but not to brag about them; rather, to complain about them. The new proposed total cut is $33 billion, having fallen from $100 billion and $61 billion. $33 billion is less than a 1% drop from 2010--a mere drop withheld from the bucket. Obama and the Democrats raised the budget by over 800 billion since entering office.

The reason GOPagandists want to brag about the cuts is so the RNC politicians can have their pork and eat it too, while appearing to be vegetarians.

The people to blame overall are the profiteers of socialism: construction companies, drug companies, financiers, corporations, banks, in addition to their enablers: the people who vote to get things for free.

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