Monday, March 21, 2011

TL LETTER TO EDITOR: Hypocritical System Weakens our Society

The NuPo has taken the liberty of re-posting this March 14 Times Leader letter to the editor by John T. Banks of Wilkes-Barre
I am bewildered by the hypocritical behavior coming from those whom we elect to make and enforce the laws and rules that govern society.

They can forgive a guy who killed dogs for money, but prosecute someone for doing to kittens what parents do to their kids. They can lock a kid up who stole a $100 item, yet let judges go free who unfairly incarcerated juveniles. They say it is OK to express discriminating remarks and show distasteful signs at a soldier’s funeral, yet it is wrong to display the Nativity and Ten Commandments at the courthouse. It is OK to take away from the poor, elderly and working people, and say the wealthy need their money to produce jobs that somehow have been declining even as they stash millions.

Our children are given models who are drug users, crooks and thieves while we tell them these are the things not to do.

Someone, somewhere has to realize where this is leading, and I believe it isn’t anywhere we want to be.

John T. Banks, Wilkes-Barre

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