Monday, January 31, 2011

Letter to NuPo: Silence Desired in Connerton's

A King's College senior asked to the NuPo to post his complaints about the eatery called Connerton's on the King's College campus.
I hate the Magic 93 radio station they constantly pipe in through the ceiling speakers. When I complained about it to the manager, I was told there was nothing they could do to turn it off. You can't even get away from it in the bathroom. I wish they'd play no music because I don't like most radio music since most of it is trash. The fear I assume they'd have about turning off the music is that the roaring of all the fridges and heaters and everything would sound unpleasant, but in my mind those noises are far more pleasant than Magic 93 has ever been.

It really is weird and embarrassing that that radio station is played down there, and Connerton, the man, would be disgraced by it. Nothing could be more low-brow or ridiculous than forcing students who eat at Connerton's to listen to that low-value music which sonically embodies the sexual and carefree message of the songs' lyrics. It's one thing if the students choose to listen to that stuff on their own, but it's quite another if the college actually imposes it on them. King's is supposed to speak to each student's heart and mind, and if someone were to design ideal music to speak to one's heart and mind, Magic 93 and most other radio stations would never be chosen for such purpose.

Indeed, my complaint may be unique and atypical of the student body, most of whom probably could care less about piped in music, but my sensitivities, I believe, speak for the well being of those who don't have them.

Also, the dark ceiling and gray floor design down there compounded with the lack of sunlight and musical tumult just make for a dreary aesthetic combination.

All said, sorry to be vituperative, and consider the criticism constructive since I offer it because I care about the aesthetic quality of Connerton's.

-A Disgruntled Diner

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