Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Former Candidate John Cordora Endorses Tim Mullen

In a June 15th letter to the editor in the Times Leader, former candidate in the 120th District John Cordora endorsed current candidate in that district Tim Mullen. Cordora ran as a Republican against Phylis Mundy in 2006.

Although John Cordora seems to insinuate in his letter that Mullen is running as an Independent, Mullen is in fact running as a Libertarian. However, the theme of Cordora's article is correct: Mullen is independent of the two-party establishment and all its political baggage.

In a recent confidence with the Nothington Post, Mullen expressed gratitude to all hi ssupporters, be they Republican, Independent, Libertarian, Democrat, etc.

Moreover, as Mullen tirelessly continues with his plan to knock on all the doors in the 120th District, he is happy to receive a little press from an endorsement.

Here is Cordora's letter from the Times Leader:
In the race for state representative in the 120th district, the right choice is “Independent.” For the past 20 years, liberal Democrat Phyllis Mundy has occupied that seat. She is a self-serving politician who voted to give herself a 16 percent pay raise at the taxpayers expense.

The Republican nominee is West Pittston Mayor William Goldsworthy, another self-serving career politician, who is a dictator-style mayor and only shows his face when election time rolls around. He’s probably, a worse choice than Mundy.

Finally, this time the taxpayers have a third choice, a newcomer to politics and regular guy, who is not linked to the corrupt political party power base.

He is a health care professional by the name of Tim Mullen, an Independent candidate for state representative who preaches the following: Financial responsibility to the taxpayers, accountability from elected officials and a common-sense approach to government.

Are you ready to be independent of the political cronies who offer the same old lines? If you are, you need to support Tim Mullen in November.

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