Saturday, May 22, 2010

An End to Robo Calls in Sight?

Disclaimer: I had nothing to do with the crank robo calls; I merely find them amusing.

Everyone seems to think robo calls are annoying: you know, those recordings one hears on the eve of an election that tell one how to vote. One fellow I talked to said he received 6 in one day and so he gave up answering the phone.

Perhaps the recent news of individuals making prank robo calls may scare power hungry political wannabes away from robocalling.

From the Citizen's Voice
The calls apparently used a service or software that allows caller ID spoofing. The service or software allows phone calls to come up on a recipient's caller ID with any identity and number the buyer of the program chooses.
So, for example, some calls showed up on caller ID as Friends of Jim Wansacz and showed the phone number for Wansacz campaign headquarters. However, the recorded voice proceeded to trash Wansacz's candidacy.

If everyone's candidacy were subjected to prank calls, then no candidate would robo call anymore for fear of someone confusing a prank call for a real one. And, because in such a situation all the robo calls would be pranks, they'd likely be funnier and more entertaining than current robocalls put out by real candidates... and perhaps more truthful.

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