Saturday, January 9, 2010

Vikings to Play Cowboys in Divisional Round

The Vikings were undoubtedly pleased after the Cowboys beat the Eagles in week 17 thereby securing for them a first round bye. Now the Cowboys are set to take on the Vikings.

The Cowboys, now, are red-hot. They've got a dynamic running game (like Carolina), good pass-catching tight ends (like GB), and fast receivers (like Chi): all of which have given the Vikings problems recently.

Before the Vikings thrashed the Giants in week 17, the Vikes appeared to be in a slump. However, they have had time to rest Antoine Winfield and Pat Williams: two of their best defenders. Plus, they will play at home, where they are undefeated this season. The Vikings are a team that needs to get into a rhythm in order to perform best. They should have no trouble doing that in their home stadium, where they will have the crowd behind them.

In order to build up momentum the Vikings must:

1) Make Tony Romo wet the bed.
2) Not let Miles Austin or Kevin Ogletree get off the line easily.
3) Protect Brett.
4) Block for Adrian.
5) Prevent Jason Witten from getting 1000 yards receiving.

It would also help if the Vikings could get ahead early so they can influence the Cowboys to put eight men in the box.

The Vikings should match up well against the Cowboys' screen game and their running game. Regardless, it ought to be a close one.


  1. Update: I didn't expect the 34-3 blowout. For those who would say that crowd noise gave the Vikings an unfair advantage, I would remind them that the refs refused to call holding on the Vikings' offensive line, and that they missed other penalties, not to mention Cowboys corner Mike Jenkins' holding of Bernard Berrian on 3rd & 3 which went unpunished.

  2. correction: the refs refused to call holding on the COWBOYS' offensive line which was doing a lot of holding. I also saw a block in the back perpetrated by a Cowboy player on a punt return which went unpunished.