Friday, October 9, 2009

The One Wins Ignoble Prize

Nobel Prize Politicized
The primary qualification for winning a Nobel prize is politics a la Al Gore and Paul Krugman. The One did not win it for bringing about peace; the war in Afghanistan rages on. It seems the committee wanted to award him something, and that the Peace prize seemed slightly more believable than the Economics or Physics prize.

Why does the world want to build up The One so much? Is it because he's an obedient Keynesian ruler, and wealthy people want to thank him after receiving their cut of bailout money? Somebody should search the committee members' bank accounts to see if there are any recent spikes in money. On second thought, bribery probably did not play a role.

So why did he get it? It is NOT because he's black. If The One were conservative or libertarian, he would never have been considered.

Perhaps political leaders are just very important for people on the Left. One youtube user has identified nearly 300 home-videos¹ by supporters of The One in which they tell their children to proclaim their love for him, to support him, to dress up like him, or to sing to him. There are likely hundreds if not thousands more videos. Who knows how many actual incidents of such veneration have taken place? Incidentally, there are only about a dozen videos of children lauding McCain. It is clear that many liberals truly love The One. Excuses such as "community organizing" and blackness may be given, but ultimately the award is for politics.

Although, maybe the ignoble peace prize actually demeans The One. How could such a wondrous being feel accomplishment at receiving a mere human award? The One is the New Man, thus a better award should be made up for him.

Back to Reality
Giving rewards based on political allegiance can be expected from characteristically left-wing universities. But sadly, now it is an important criterion at the newly dubbed Ignoble Prize Foundation. Imagine now, a new caste system, with good, progressive "ubermensches" at the top. Where will you fall in such a system?


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