Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Op-Ed: Obama, the New Pope

Obama has made the cover of America, a largely Jesuit magazine. He looks like a pope in the picture to the right. When Catholics first came to America en masse during the 19th century, protestants feared that the papists would have greater allegiance to Rome than to the American president. Today, this should no longer worry anyone since many Catholics--at least those in academia--revere Obama far above the pope, so much so that I believe they should just declare him the pope. Think about it, many liberal Catholics probably watch Obama's daily speeches with seriousness and reverence--yet they probably talk and joke during Mass while yearning for it to end: that is, if they attend Mass. They associate Obama's beliefs about "social justice" with Novus Ordo "Catholic" Social Doctrine.

Picture taken from Zach's Cartoons

There is a vastly overlooked pro-life Catholic community which is largely anti-Obama. Yet it's hard to imagine any such people would be common in academia. For instance, the Jesuits at Georgetown covered up their IHS for Obama's speech, and Notre Dame President Fr. Jenkins, when standing next to Obama, had a look on his face resembling that of a schoolgirl when she looks at a highschool star quaterback. But even allowing for such Obamaphillic priests, I'd say the faithful are a bit too entwined with Obama.

PS for info about Obama's Jesuit connexions see:


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