Sunday, May 8, 2011

Saporito Donated Money to Bob Casey

According to, Luzerne County Judical Candidate Joe Saporito Jr. donated money to Bob Casey as recently as September of 2010. Saportio has been listed by the Luzerne GOP website as a Republican candidate.
This was confirmed May 8, 2011. (See pictoral.)

UPDATE May 15 According to David Baloga-- an executive committee member at "Luzerne" GOP-- Saporito likely gave money to Casey in 2010 as a way of thanking him for appearing to an event hosted by the Luzerne County bar association. Baloga suggested that Saporito also gave to Casey partly because the two were college buddies. However, Saporito gave money to Casey in 2005. Saporito supports Casey.

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