Friday, April 22, 2011

2011 Endorsements for Luzerne County Council Republican Primary

Republican Primary Endorsements for County Council
Criteria: Opposition to Property Taxes Hikes, Commitment to Balancing the Budget, Plans to Cut Back on Waste, Positive Associations with Liberty Groups or Tea Party, Perceived Knowledge of Finance

Joyce Dombroski-Gebhardt
Ed Warkevicz
Eugene Kelleher
Harry Haas
Stephen J. Urban
John Ruckno
Blythe Evans

William McIntosh

Update Election Night 11:53PM All candidates who were in the top 11 and thereby won the primary election are in bold.

We have declined to comment on each candidate specifically because our comments would be too incomplete to be definitive. List is subject to change.

Click below to view all Republican primary candidates:
Candidate Websites (for those who have them)

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