Sunday, November 14, 2010

TL LETTER TO THE EDITOR -Forget smoking in parks; W-B has bigger problems

The following is re-posted from the Times Leader. I hope its writer Mr. McDougal doesn't mind:

Other than serving as rubber stamps for the mayor, members of the Wilkes-Barre City Council don’t seem to do very much.

So I guess that explains why they passed an ordinance banning smoking in all public parks. What a relief! That is, no doubt, the number-one problem we have in our fair city. It will provide something to show the people when they run for re-election.

It appears to me that the police have their hands full dealing with illegal drugs and other crimes; but I guess they can spend some time cruising the parks, passing out tickets to those old guys smoking on Public Square or in Kirby Park. Have to protect the children.

While council is worried about someone smoking in a park, it seems to have no problem with supporting the opening of every new bar in downtown. Now, who is likely to be more of a problem: the guy smoking in the park, or the guy drinking alcohol?

Once they get park smoking under control, no doubt they can move on to protecting us from salt, fat and toys in the Happy Meal. Won’t that be great?

As for our Baghdad-style roads, broken sidewalks, blocked storm drains, broken and missing street signs, littered streets, under-funded city retirement fund and deteriorating neighborhoods, expect no improvement.

-by Bob McDougal of Wilkes-Barre

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