Thursday, November 5, 2009

Bill Ayers in the Whitehouse? Could This be a Provocative Scam?

The Obaman Kommissariat named 110 guests to the White House according to their defacto press agency, MSNBC. The list does not name every visitor but let's see who they've named:

Malik Shabazz, leader of the new black panthers, RINO Newt Gingrich, far-left financier George Soros, Global Warming profiteer Albert Gore, SEIU leader Andrew Stern, and irreverends Al $harpton and Je$$e Jack$on. However, names on the list such as "William Ayers," "Jeremiah Wright," and "Michael Moore," reports MSNBC, are not "that Jeremiah Wright," Ayers, or Moore.

A Den of Ideological Iniquity?

Given my personal experience with MSNBC's disregard for factual truth when it comes to politics, I wouldn't be surprised if they are lying. (Reporters seem content with party lines and no facts when it comes to reporting about left-wing politicians they love.) Nonetheless it seems odd that the Obaman Kommissariate would put people named Ayers, Wright, and Moore on the list, knowing that such names would provoke outrage among conservatives. Here's a good comment by Kyle Olson of Big

...MSNBC claims the first three: Ayers, Moore and Wright aren’t the Ayers, Moore and Wright. Then why release the names? Not to mention: the White House staff and the president himself just happen to have other friends named Bill Ayers, Michael Moore and Jeremiah Wright? That’s bizarre.

This is likely Act II in the White House slight of hand to distract from the real issue: Reid and Pelosi’s lengthy bills to takeover health care in America. Act I, of course, was the blatant attack on Fox News, which fizzled, arguably backfired and ultimately died.

Conservatives need to stay focused on the wise words and analysis of those such as Byron York, and not be the distracted by the made-for-TV sideshows the White House has been creating.

So, in that spirit let's move on to a more pertinent issue than the Red House's>I mean White House's guest list: that is health care reform. Here's a note from Pennsylvania Senatorial candidate Peg Luksik:

The newest version of Health Care Reform has been introduced. It weighs in at over 1900 pages, and has the blessing of Speaker Nancy Pelosi. And you don't have to read farther than Section 101 to find the basic problem with single payer care. Part (h) of Section 101says that if the government runs short of money, the Secretary "SHALL MAKE SUCH ARRANGEMENTS AS ARE NECESSARY TO ELIMINATE A DEFICIT, INCLUDING REDUCING BENEFITS, INCREASING PREMIUMS, OR ESTABLISHING WAITING LISTS".

That is a very wordy method of saying "government rationing". While there are nearly 2,000 more pages, there is no way to avoid the bottom line - government-funded health care is government-rationed health care. It's as simple as that.

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