Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Wind Steals Yard Signs

In a recent Times Leader article, all three candidates of the PA 120th district complain about having yard signs stolen.

Goldsworthy noted that many of his signs have gone missing in the past two weeks, and 20 total are gone. The Mullen campaign has also recently experienced many missing signs. What is also significant is that we've had some torrential wind and rain in the past two weeks. One NuPo correspondent weighed in:
I remember during the Republican primary this year that nearly all Tom Marino's signs placed near the W-B Blvd entrance to the cross valley were missing following a rain storm. Meanwhile, most of the smaller Tom Corbett signs held fast. It seems larger signs (that are made of tarp-like plastic material) catch more wind and thus are more susceptible to being blown off their metal skeletons than are smaller signs.
Goldsworthy's signs are larger than Mundy's, so perhaps the wind stole more of his than hers.

Tim Mullen's signs, on the other hand, are cardboard, and much less likely to be blown away. Yet, Mullen has also had many signs go missing. Moreover, perpetrators have spray-painted over several of his signs. If there is a competition to see who is losing more signs to theft, Goldsworthy seems to be the most vocal, but Mullen is likely the most robbed.

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