Thursday, October 28, 2010

Letter to NuPo: Mundy Undeserved of Re-election

The following is reproduced with the permission of its author--CAP Taxes Luzerne County Spokesman Charles Urban:
Phyllis Mundy as usual is a day late and a dollar short when it comes to her causes and stands.

Her causes always look good in the papers. For instance, she tried to stop Blue Cross from enacting their overage in surplus monies, which they gave back not to the rate payer but to the corporate conglomerate.

Yet, she was watching over as UGI, PPL and Pennsylvania American Water Co. raised utility rates on us – again. Now she wants no shale drilling after the companies have polluted the water and ruined the land. Why didn't she get all of the drilling companies' safety records before they started drilling? She is using the media to make it look like she is fighting for a cause, but she and others allowed the drilling companies to come in the first place. She is reactive instead of proactive. There is a saying in business: efforts are appreciated, but results are rewarded. I think for the past 19 years Phyllis has been rewarded for her efforts and not results.

Now let's talk about a senior citizen's concerns. How am I going to pay my sky-rocketing school and county taxes? She always sides with the PSEA, knowing how powerful that union is, which influences the votes of thousands of working and retired teachers throughout the County. This is why she did not support the Property Tax Elimination Act along with her cohorts in Luzerne County.

Now do you know what is more frightening?!! -Teachers Pension Reform, wait till that kicks in, because most seniors did not get a COLA raise and state retirees haven't gotten one since 2001. Phyllis got one at midnight along with her cohorts, when all the taxpayers were asleep. When in history was another vote ever completed at midnight, I dare you to tell me?! Let's not forget the per diems Phyllis takes. If we continue to elect the same people into office, then we deserve the government we get because we pulled the lever.*

The people are guaranteeing a lifestyle for her and other State Reps that most people can only dream about: with a guaranteed pension health benefits for life, etc. Our Representatives have won the lottery by keeping their postions as long as they have. They have won luxuries that no one is entitled to. They live in a fantasy world, yet everybody else loses sleep at night thinking that tomorrow may be their last day of employement.

Where in the private sector is there anything like what our representatives enjoy? Ask any of our representatives if they'd take a job if it was only for a maximum of two terms, or only eight years of job security, after which, they'd have to look for a job like the rest of the working stiffs in the low-pay region of Northeast Penna.

Now Rep. Mundy is passing out fliers to people who have Tim Mullen signs in their yards saying that Mullen would move Penna backwards. But let me ask the people who have Mundy signs in their yards: Do you want to add to 19 years of no accomplishments, no bills passed? Do you want to get her closer to that glorified pension that no one deserves?

I say be loud and be proud; shout it from the highest mountain if you have to, because NOW is the time to remove the spoiled, overpaid, under-achieving lifetime politicians from office! Or, will I, at 80 years of age have look for a job to pay my school taxes which will go toward the underfunded teachers' pensions. When our 401K's tanked, it was our responsibility to refund the money we lost. Not only do teachers not have to refund their pensions, but we, who already had to refund our own pensions, have to refund theirs!

Wake up voters of America. Let's make a stand that we will not take it anymore; these are supposed to be our Golden Years--not Sold Out Years.

-by Charles Urban

*Let me rephrase that: "we pushed the button on the computer." The voting machines were the biggest waste of taxpayers' money in the county because people had learned how to split votes on the old machines. Now, senior citizens don't know how to use the news ones, and that is why they all vote straight party ticket. The election bureau knew this, and and that is why they wanted them in the first place.

Charles Urban
CAP Taxes Luzerne county Spokesperson
Tel# 570-288-2972

Grace Griffin
CAP Taxes Chairperson
Tel #570-779-4179

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