Monday, June 3, 2013

Navy Runs Facebook ad with Muslim Chaplain

Even though US foreign policy consists primarily of killing and oppressing Muslims, the US Navy has featured a man in Islamic head dress as the ideal Navy chaplain.

Maybe the Navy thought it could influence more Muslims to join on the margin with such an ad rather than Christians. 

But it would seem more reasonable to quit bombing Muslims abroad and deport every single one back to their home nations. It's nothing personal against individual Muslim people, as we've never had a bad experience with one, but consider the following thought experiment. Suppose you set out to create a nation from scratch. Would you throw together members of historically rivalrous religions? or have just one religion? Harmony would demand there be one. 

Christianity is the best religion and happens to be the majority religion in America, so Why purposefully dilute its pervasiveness by increasing adherents of alien religions via immigration? Often what spurs Islamic immigration is political instability in Islamic homelands which US military and/or CIA intervention frequently creates. That's the game: bomb and attack Muslims in their lands so more will come here and disrupt our cultural harmony. It's not an intentional effort but rather the effect of the usual elitist war hawks running roughshod over the world--even to the point of ruining Christendom. 

Decency requires that Christians strive for their children to grow up in a majority Christian America rather than one composed increasingly of Islamic and other oppositional groups. It should be noted that there are 2.7 million Muslims in the US today, which constitutes less than 1% of the total population, but they have high birthrates and are winning many converts, especially among the blacks. Moreover, over 100,000 immigrate to the US every year. It is only a matter of time until they constitute a significant minority.

To reject Islamic immigration on the basis of Muslims being more likely to become terrorists is stupid because about 0.001% of them do. However, 100% of Muslims are Muslims, and that ought to be reason enough for exclusion. Of course, the Muslims push for more Islamic immigration to America so they can be less of a minority, so why shouldn't Christians push back so they can retain their majority? Islamic nations are not dying to take in non-Muslim immigrants, especially not those from the third world.

When Muslims come to America, they become whimpering minorities, but in their own nations, they often assault you or worse if you even accidentally offend their sensibilities. In Islamic Republics, they don't look at Christians with a sense of infinite altruism like the naive liberal Christians look at them when they immigrate to historically Christian nations. You would never see Muslims in Iran, Libya, or Egypt promoting non-Islamic chaplains in their military.  

Deporting all Muslims would foster harmony among the people of the USA and retain their precious shared Christian past. This should be coupled with putting an end to drone strikes in Muslim lands and cutting all foreign aid to Israel--two policies which Muslims would readily support. It's nothing against Muslims personally but rather an attempt to preserve national identity for centuries to come.