Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Alan Dershowtiz Caught in a Catch 22

Alan Dershowitz is the biggest intellectual moron in the world. He condemned Mearsheimer and Walt's book, The Israel Lobby, because he disagreed that the lobby has hegemony over US Foreign policy. Yet, Dershowitz is now attempting to prove them right by assembling his Zionist troops to thwart the nomination of Chuck Hagel as Secretary of Defense, a man who has stated that "the the Jewish lobby intimidates a lot of people up here," and who does not kowtow to the hawkish lobby. 

Dershowitz is so stupid! He's caught in a catch 22. He either proves the book right and demonstrates the hegemony of the Israel Lobby, or has to suffer a defeat for the Lobby with the nomination of Hagel.

If we had a real media in America, nobody would take Dershowitz seriously, and his inconsistencies would be torn to shreds. Dershowitz has a super high verbal IQ, but because 1+1=2 and he says it equals 3, he is stupid no matter the power of his vocabulary.

Another hypocritical assertion of Dershowitz is that he cited Europe as a model for gun laws, as if Europe is a model for the US in general. But besides the Czech Republic, European nations voted unanimously to recognize Palestine as a nonvoting member of the United Nations. I'm sure the Dershy's Euro-phillia was suspended regarding that decision.

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