Sunday, December 11, 2011

Mark Levin the Deceitful Collectivist Neo-Con

Mark Levin has fashioned an image for himself as an individualist and lover of liberty. But his image contrasts greatly with how he actually tries to influence his listeners' votes.

We covered earlier how strange it was for him to view the government as totally incompetent at home but yet totally infallible abroad in the form of the military.

Recently, Levin spent an entire hour attacking Ron Paul as unAmerican and not Conservative. For Levin, "Conservative" seems to entail possessing an unquestioning support for all of "America's" foreign policy. But is it really "America's"? Levin is using deceptive collectivist language to try to get people to believe Ron Paul doesn't like America, and thus them.

America, properly defined, is the land, the people, animals, buildings, etc. Even if "America" is construed to mean the people living there, Ron Paul could in no way be said to be anti-American because 99.9% of Americans have virtually no influence on its foreign policy. America's foreign policy is shaped by elites and powerbrokers on the global scene. Many of these are avowed Internationalists who regard the UN above the US. Yet, for opposing the preferred policies of these sorts, Levin says Ron Paul is anti-American.

Levin also insinuated that Dr Paul doesn't like the troops since he opposes the present foreign policy. Because Ron Paul receives more campaign contributions from active duty military servicemen than all other GOP presidential candidates combined, then perhaps Levin might say that these men are anti-American too. Either the troops tend to like an America hater, or Mark Levin is a deceiver.

Levin then whined about being called a neo-con by some people on the Internet. Limbaugh has whined similarly. But because these gentlemen always try to influence their listeners to support neo-cons such as Gingrich, then they might as well be neo-cons despite any differences they might claim. Their credibilty is waning.

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